April 2013
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Team of the Year

Congratulations to Kym Vonada, Annalyn Stewart and Janis McArthur – Medical Audit Team being chosen Team of the the Year for FY2012

Team of the Year, Kym Vonada, Annalyn Stewart
				and Janis McArthur – Medical Audit Team

The Medical Audit team of Kym, Annalyn and Janis were called into special duty to help with the transition from CorVel to ACS. They provided excellent customer service to medical providers to help them understand the new bill reporting requirements and fixed bills with administrative errors which lead to initial denials. They worked extra hours, weekends and literally worked their fingers to the bone to make sure our providers were paid appropriately… (more)


Spreading a Message of Safety in the Bakken

As we all know, eastern Montana is in the midst of an oil boom. With these booms come many jobs and opportunities, but unfortunately the rise in workplace injuries…. (more)

PUG (Portal User Group) Established

It has been almost a year since the redesign of our internal and external portals… (more)

Earth Day– Green Committee Update

April 22, 2013 marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, which was started in the 70’s as a way to demonstrate support for environmental protection… (more)

Are You Drinking Enough Water – Food For Thought

The average adult loses about 2½ quarts or more (about 10 cups or more) of water daily through bodily functions such as perspiration, urination and even breathing… (more)

Thanks for Your Service

Below is a list of staff that has provided service to MSF from 1 to 3 years with an April

anniversary date. Congratulations…(more)