April 2014
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Team of the Year

Congratulations to Kevin Braun Assistant General Counsel on being chosen Employee of the theYear for FY2014

Employee of the Year, Kevin Braun

In the last legislative session Kevin and Nancy worked tirelessly  to ensure the needs of Montana State Fund and our employees were always met. While it was not always easy dealing with legislators and stakeholders, they were always prepared and professional in every manner… (more)


A Head for Safety – MSF Grant

Last month, Lanny surprised Helena’s Capital High teacher Tom Kain with a $990 grant to purchase Ultraviolet Arc Welding helmets for his 10th – 12th grade industrial art students… (more)

Get Engaged

I’m sure some of you are wondering what happened to the Engagement Charter? It is still alive and kicking!  Your Engagement Team has been meeting regularly and strategizing with our Corporate Sponsors, Rick Duane and Nancy Butler… (more)

Who Is It? – From the Hallway (SIU News)

The SIU receives requests for surveillance related to claims or policy issues on a frequent basis.  Private companies are hired to conduct the surveillance and to provide written and if possible, video documentation of their observations. 

… (more)

Bring in your Ugliest, Most Colorful, Fanciest Plate Contest – Green Committee

The Green Committee is holding a plate contest for all employees the week of April 21. The goal of the contest is to encourage employees to bring in their own plates and silverware for use… (more)

Understanding Body Mass Index – Food for Thought

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is important to know what your BMI does and does not indicate about your weight, health and lifestyle choices. Your BMI is calculated from your height…(more)

Thanks for Your Service

Below are the names of our employee who have provided service to MSF from 1 to 3 years with a April anniversary date.…(more)

Portal Updates

Below are the portal updates that occurred in March… (more)