December 2014
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Team of the Year

Congratulations to Andy Anderson, Claims Exaimner on being chosen Employee of the theYear for FY2014

Employee of the Year, Kevin Braun

Andy goes out of his way to make each one of us on the team feel important and welcome. He is super at training, patient with questions, and great at helping out. He never misses a birthday and makes it a special day for that person. His humor keeps up morale on the team.… (more)


Celebrate the Season: MSF Holiday Party

The 2014 MSF Holiday Party will be held Saturday, December 13. Hopefully, you received your invitation and have RSVP’d to Verna Boucher for what is going to be a great evening of fun, food, and fellowship at the Montana Club from 6:00 to 11:00 pm (more)

ESPM Project Spotlight:Succession Project – Leadership Development Program

The high number of expected retirements facing Montana State Fund in the near future is a key workforce issue. While this situation makes succession planning more critical, it will always be an important aspect of workforce management… (more)

FY15 PROJECTS – December Crossword Puzzle

Each month the projects for the fiscal year are reviewed and a status given. This crossword puzzle has been created to help you stay up-to-date on these projects while having a little bit of fun… (more)

News from the Mail Room

I want to thank everyone who read my November 855 Front article. There has been a noticeable improvement in how the mail is being placed in the mail baskets. We really appreciate it… (more)

Crazy Train - From the Hallway

As Ozzy Osbourne says “All aboard” the crazy train. This is the season for all of us to be on the crazy train. Whether life at home or things at work are putting us over the edge, everyone is getting on the train. This also includes our claimants. As we all know, and it is unfortunate, workers get injured all times of the year, a small number of these claims may be fraudulent… (more)

Don't Pass the Salt– Green Committee

Tis the season for snow and ice – only fun if you’re a penguin or like to walk with an ice pick. For the rest of us, the big challenge is dealing with frozen precipitation once it hits the ground, especially if we want to be "eco friendly." These tips will help.… (more)

Ho Ho Healthy – Food for Thought

As Santa Claus makes his yearly trek around the world, children everywhere will leave treats for the big guy to fuel him on his ride. But don't forget Santa needs nutrition too… (more)

Portal Updates

In 2014, we had these major portal updates… (more)

Thanks for Your Service

Below are the names of our employee who have provided service to MSF from 1 to 3 years with a December anniversary date…(more)