January 2014
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Team of the Year

Congratulations to Kevin Braun Assistant General Counsel on being chosen Employee of the theYear for FY2014

Employee of the Year, Kevin Braun

In the last legislative session Kevin and Nancy worked tirelessly  to ensure the needs of Montana State Fund and our employees were always met. While it was not always easy dealing with legislators and stakeholders, they were always prepared and professional in every manner… (more)


MSF Receives Award

Montana State Fund was the recent recipient of a  Guidewire Innovation Award.  Guidewire is a software company that provides products to insurance companies…(more)

Thank You Jeff Lake for a Wonderful & Successful Transition

Team 7 is so excited for Jeff that he gets to go play full time, but we are going to miss him so very much…(more)

Up on the House Top – From the Hallway – SIU News

This month we wish to report the results of a successful year-end investigation in which SIU participated, along with many federal and state agencies…(more)

What If – Green Committee  

I read a recent article in the paper that presented a discussion of the current state of the environment addressing subjects like climate change, air & water pollution, carbon footprint, etc.…(more)

Boost Your Memory – Food for Thought

If you’re feeling forgetful, it could be due to a lack of sleep or a number of other reasons including genetics, level of physical activity, and lifestyle and environmental factors…(more)

Thanks for Your Service

Below is a list of staff that has provided service to MSF from 1 to 3 years with a January anniversary date. Congratulations…(more)