November 2014
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Team of the Year

Congratulations to Andy Anderson, Claims Exaimner on being chosen Employee of the theYear for FY2014

Employee of the Year, Kevin Braun

Andy goes out of his way to make each one of us on the team feel important and welcome. He is super at training, patient with questions, and great at helping out. He never misses a birthday and makes it a special day for that person. His humor keeps up morale on the team.… (more)


The Gift of Safety: Upcoming Safety Workshops

Now that the holiday season is quickly approaching, why not give yourself a free gift, the gift of safety, by attending one of our December safety workshops … (more)

ESPM Project Spotlight: Stay at Work/Return to Work

The Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work project team is successfully spreading the word to medical providers on this key workers’ compensation topic. On September 25 Michele Fairclough took to the webinar airwaves and presented information and interactive discussion on ‘The Big Picture’ of Montana State Fund’s claim process. … (more)

Mail Bag: News from the Mail Room

MSF employees, I am sure you all are curious as to why there’s an article from the mail room popping up in 855 Front. The reason is simple: we want to reach out to staff so everyone understands exactly what goes on down here in order for all of us to have the most efficient process … (more)

Five Energy Saving Tips for Washing Dishes – Green Committee

Hot water is a triple whammy for your utility bills. First, it costs money to get the water (water bill). Second, it costs money to heat that water (electricity or gas bill). And last, it costs money to dispose of that water (sewer bill). Altogether, that’s a lot of potential savings with some small adjustments… (more)

A Steaming Bowl of Health– Food for Thought

Look, no one likes to get sick. But a steaming bowl of soup always makes things a little brighter. In fact, soup may actually help you get better. Chicken soup, for example, significantly reduces white blood cell activity, helping to reduce the symptoms of a cold.… (more)

Portal Updates

In October, HR added a new section on Succession Planning and Leadership Development Program… (more)

Thanks for Your Service

Below are the names of our employee who have provided service to MSF from 1 to 3 years with a November anniversary date…(more)